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Stainless steel 

​Balustrades style 

  • Horizontal Wire Balustrade

  • Vertical Wire Balustrade

  • Vertical Wire Balustrade gapped

  • stainless steel glass balustrades  

  • Custom design 

When tradespeople and commercial clients want the very best wire balustrades in Sydney, they turn to the leading suppliers at AM Stainless Balustrades.  We provide local businesses with superior quality service and advice, as well as the finest balustrade hardware products.


  • Material: AISI 304 or AISI 316 marine grade stainless steel.

  • Finish: Satin finish, mirror polish or custom

  • Handrail Styles: Round, Rectangular or Square

  • Frame: Round, Rectangular or Square

  • Infill: 3.2mm stinless steel wire 

  • Height: minimum 1020mm (Australian standard)

  • Width: custom

Aluminum Balustrades 

In addition to looking sleek and stylish, our stainless steel or aluminium balustrading provides the strength and stability you need to be assured of complete safety. They are also incredibly easy to keep clean, making us Sydney’s preferred choice for stainless steel handrails and balcony railings.

​Balustrades Style 

  • Aluminum Glass balustrades

  • Aluminum Glass balustrades gapped 

  • Aluminum vertical balustrades 

  • Aluminum vertical balustrades gapped 

  • Aluminum Horizontal balustrades 

  • Aluminum Horizontal balustrades gapped 


  • Material: square, Rectangular, Half Round or Full Round.

  • Finish: custom powder coat colour

  • Handrail Styles: square, Rectangular, Half Round or Full Round.

  • Infill: Grade-A certified 6mm toughen glass, vertical square tube, or Horizontal square tube

  • Height: minimum 1020mm (Australian standard) from ground

  • Width: custom

  • Fixture: fixed to ground via core or base plate  

Our Products   


  • Material: AISI 304 or AISI 316 marine grade stainless steel. Alternatively, mild steel or galvanised steel

  • Finish: Satin finish, mirror polish galvanised or custom

  • Handrail Styles: Round, Rectangular or Square

  • Height: minimum 1000mm (Australian standard) from ground

  • Width: custom

Handrail Style 

  • Wall Mounted Handrail

  • Floor Mounted  Handrail

  • Wall Mounted double Handrail

  • Floor Mounted doubleHandrail

  • Balcony Handrail fixed to concrete slab


AM Stainless Balustrades’ locally designed and manufactured handrail have been used in new homes, office buildings and commercial workplaces throughout Sydney. AM stainless balustrades can provide total supply and install of  stainless steel handrails as well as handrails with  posts. 

Glass balustrades 

For the very best in glass balustrading and pool fencing in Sydney, trust AM Stainless Balustrades to deliver superior quality manufacture and design. With a range of standard frameless glass options as well as the opportunity to custom design your own glass balustrades, you can be sure that your installation will provide the safety and security you need whilst also adding value to your property.

Glass balcony railings provide the benefit of unobstructed views, making them a favoured option for people who like to sit back on their balcony and watch the world go by. Enquire about our designs and installation services today.

Framless glass style 

  • framless glass balustrades with stainless spigots 

  • framless glass balustrades fixed to concreate 


  • Material: 12mm clear toughen glass

  •  Height: minimum 1020mm (Note: pool fencing require minimum height of 1200mm ) from ground

  • Width: custom

  • Brass balustrades

  • Brass handrail

  • Disability ramp

  • Mild steel balustrades

  • Mild steel handrail  

  • Galvanised steel balustrades

  • Galvanised steel handrail

  • Stainless steel gates

  • Aluminium gates

Other balustrades 

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