Stainless steel wire balustrades.

Stainless steel wire balustrades.

Wire balustrades

Wire balustrades

Stainless steel Handrail
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Stainless Steel Wire Balustrades 

Wire balustrades.
Stair balustrades.
Wire balustrades.
Balcony balustrades.
stainless steel wire rope balustrades
Deck balustrades. 

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Why choose stainless steel wire balustrades?

We have extensive experience in manufacturing and installing stainless steel wire balustrades (aka wire rope or wire fence). We can also help you design and visualize your elegant balustrades. We are always willing to help you in the best possible way. A wire balustrade can be very impressive, especially when made of stainless steel. The result is not only elegant but also excellent strength and stability.


Stainless steel wire balustrades can be a perfect choice as it offers many advantages: The stainless steel wire has a high degree of corrosion resistance, it can stand the test of time if installed and maintained correctly, minimum maintenance is required, can be left for months without cleaning, since maintenance is low, you don’t need to spend a lot of effort and time in its visuals. One of the main concerns that people usually mention about traditional railings is that they obstruct what used to be a great view of the surroundings. This is not a problem with stainless steel wire balustrades, which will allow you to enjoy the magnificent view from the balcony or deck perfectly. Wire balustrades are considered an intelligent investment for the home of those who want the first-class balustrade system.

Why Choose AM stainless balustrade?

Here are 4 reasons why.

Total supply and installation.

We supply and install wire balustrades for residential and commercial buildings all over Sydney. We are among one of the best manufactures of the finest stainless steel balustrades from stairways to balconies. The team at AM stainless steel Balustrades understands that each property is different and offers a custom; stainless steel wire rope and wire fencing design. Just specify what you are looking for, and we can schedule a visit free of cost.

Free measure and quote.

Best Price Guarantee.*

If you are looking for the right architectural element for your home or business, stainless steel wire balustrades can suit your needs. We pride ourselves on our reputation for delivering superior quality products and services at competitive prices. We provide a free measure and quote for our customers. Just call us and book an appointment with our experts to get a quote to install a stainless wire balustrade at your house or office, as we provide both residential and commercial services.

By getting in touch with us, you will get the best price we offer for stair and balcony wire balustrade installations. Not only will you get the best price but with superb quality.

Void wire balustrades.
stainless steel wire balustrades.
Custom wire balustrades.

Custom Design.

Various wire balustrade systems are needed to adapt to different situations. The team at AM stainless steel balustrades will consider whether; the wire is intended for flat areas (decks), inclined areas (stairs), the appropriate height for decking, the distances between the posts, and intermediate posts. Depending on the regulations, you may need more posts to prevent wires from spreading.

Our professional team of experienced technicians will respond quickly with a design. Adapt the design to your needs at a; cost, production and installation level. This service is offered free of charge. Our professional and experienced engineers will produce the components of your project with the utmost attention and care to detail to ensure trouble-free installation on site.

Stair wire rope balustrades.
stainless steel vertical handrail and balustrade
square wire balustrades.

Get specialist advice on wire balustrade installation service and much more!

When the commercial and residential customers want the best stainless steel wire balustrades, AM stainless Balustrades in the one-stop point. We provide local businesses with high-quality service and advice and the best balustrade hardware products.

Our dedication to our clients and our goal to serve beyond our customers’ expectations has made us a reliable and trusted name in Stainless Steel Wire Balustrade services. All of our services are executed quickly and economically, offering 100%** compliance to our client’s design and requirements. Contact our team now by calling or email to determine your needs and discuss your options.

Types of Stainless Steel wire balustrades.

We offer different services under the  Stainless Steel wire Balustrades category listed as follows.

Horizontal wire balustrades

Stainless steel wire balustrade offers the best alternative to bulky and heavy cable fittings. This unique architectural balustrade system is available horizontally or vertically. Horizontal balustrades provide a modern look for the modern age. The balustrades consist of a top rail and post attached via reducers with eleven 3.2mm stainless steel wire spanning horizontally. Due to safety concerns, there are some restrictions. The BCA has limited any fall greater than 4m cannot have any horizontal components that facilitate climbing; this limits the option for horizontal wire balustrades for many properties greater than two levels. 

Handrail + Balustrade.
stairs wire rope balustrade.

Vertical wire balustrades

vertical wire balustrades is an alternative to horizontal balustrades, especially where the height is more than 4m. Although it may be slightly more expensive, it does not fall short of all the benefits of horizontal wire balustrades, with the addition of being more secure as it has no horizontal component to facilitate climbing. The balustrades consist of a top rail, and bottom rail with the wires fixed to both ends vertically.

Professional Design and Installation

Balustrades add an element of grace and sophistication to each building. With the right design, they can perfectly adapt to the decoration of your home, giving your home added value in today’s competitive real estate market if you decide to sell. Designed and installed by professionals, the balustrades will offer years of service while giving your decor an appearance worthy of a magazine. When combined with our superb craftsmanship, we will provide a high-quality architectural feature that decorates your home and sets it apart from the rest.

Square wire balustrade.

Limitless Styles for Your balustrade Design.

By contracting AM stainless balustrades, You will not go wrong; we are experts and have the experience to provide you with the best services in town. Contact us now to inquire about the cost of installation and other services.

Call us today to discuss the benefits of stainless steel wire balustrade for your private or business property.

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